Known as the “City with Soul,” Jackson, Mississippi is one of the South’s most unique cities and is the Southern mecca of Art Deco-style architecture. Jacksonians are well-known for their triumphant spirit and a warm sense of hospitality. Jackson’s food scene is absolutely out-of-this-world. The city is home to some of the country’s best BBQ, Southern soul food, succulent seafood, and decadent historic restaurants. On weekends, Jacksonians flock to the city’s crown jewel, the ultra-hip, and eclectic Fondren District. The area is an artistic hub that is buzzing with street festivals, charming boutiques, and locally owned restaurants. Needless to say, there are many reasons that people choose to call Jackson home. Homes in Jackson are affordable and offer a variety of niche neighborhoods to choose from. If you are selling your Jackson home or on the hunt for the perfect house in Jackson, the four steps below will help you feel confident that you chose the perfect real estate agent for you.

Choose Only from Agents that Get Results
Jackson, Mississippi is home to hundreds of real estate agents, most of whom are ready and waiting to tell you why they are the best in town. When begin searching to find a Realtor® in Jackson, you should have confidence that you are selecting an agent that has shown proven results of successful home closing for their clients. Technology lets you be ultra-selective in the process of choosing an agent. Effective Agents is a website that compiles data on realtor® success and uses an algorithm to provide you with a list of the best performing realtors® in Jackson that have proven success. You can even have them contact you directly, letting you just sit back and relax as Jackson’s best real estate agents work to earn your business. 

Ask Specific Questions
People often approach their initial meeting with a potential real estate agent as a meet-and-greet situation. While you want to feel out the agent’s personality to see if they seem like a good fit, what you’re really there to do is to better understand their work ethic and knowledge of the real estate market. Come prepared with a list of very specific questions regarding exactly what you are looking for in your dream home or exactly what you expect from the agent you select to sell your current home. An ideal agent will provide you with detailed, knowledgeable answers that will leave you soaring with confidence about their skills.

Ask your Potential Agent about Accreditations and Advancements
The field of real estate is in a constant state of change. The best agents are always on their toes to stay up-to-date with the real estate’s market continual evolution. Asking a prospective agent about any advanced training courses they have taken, certifications they have earned, awards, or accreditations they have recently achieved is a good way to feel out how driven they are. Their commitment to staying on top of their field will likely translate directly into their work ethic. 

Do your Homework
Do your online homework before you sign off on a partnership with any real estate agent. Simply go to Mississippi’s real estate board’s website and verify that the agent you intend on working with is fully licensed and has had no recent disciplinary issues. All of this can be found by simply searching on their name.


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